About Me

My name is Lea-Anne Rousseau and I am a wife, mother, visual artist and lover of all things beautiful!  I am  based in Pretoria, South Africa. What a beautiful country it is, there is so much to inspire me everyday. 

My passion for the visual arts started in my matric year when I discovered the wonderful world of design and photography and experiencing all the exciting prospects and sheer beauty it offered. I haven't looked backed since and enjoy every moment of creating each new piece of work.



Since 2016 I have decided to focus on Equine Photography as horse and riding has been a passion since childhood. Horses are majestic creatures that have inspired many artists through the ages. Being able to photograph them and capture each one's unique personality and bond with their riders is a very rewarding experience.


However graphic and web design still make up a large portion of Milagro Designs, so you can still get your very own special designs right here!



Below are my qualifications in both design and photography:


  • Diploma in Visual Communication - The Open Window School - 2012

  • Diploma of Professional Photography - The Photography Institute - 2013

  • Certificate in Perfect Portraiture -  The Photography Institute - 2014  

  • Certificate in Landscape & Travel - The Photography Institute - 2015


Current studies:


  • Certificate in Food Photography - The Photography Institute



So that is me! I hope to hear from you soon!